Spring Twine Baskets

Spring Twine Baskets

Bring in Spring with these CUTE DIY Spring Baskets! 

Parts of the Midwest continue the tradition of May Day Baskets.  It is simple tradition of making little gift baskets (usually filled with candy, popcorn, and/or flowers), and placing them on the doorsteps of a neighbor on May 1st.  One then knocks on the door, and runs away.  I wrote about it in a previous post here.  Even if the area you live in does not celebrate this tradition, these cute little twine baskets can be used for other occasions.  It would even make a nice gift for someone new to the neighborhood.  Below are step by step instructions on how I made these baskets.  I hope you enjoy them.


Materials Needed

  •  Twine

  •  Beads

  •  Mod Podge 

  •  Cardboard Berry Baskets

  •  Scissors


  1. Gather Materials which include twine, Mod Podge, beads (or buttons), scissors, and cardboard berry baskets.
  2. Saturate a 4-5 inch strip of twine with Mod Podge.  The length of the twine depends on how large you want to make your flower.
  3. Roll the twine into a circular pattern (see below).
  4. Let twine dry completely.  Don’t worry if the Mod Podge makes it look white at first as it will eventually dry clear.
  5. Place a dab of Mod Podge in the center of the dried twine flower, and liberally sprinkle beads (or button) over the top of it.
  6. Remove the excess beads from the flower once the Mod Podge has dried.  


Do You Get Spring Fever?

FUN FACT: While the exact cause is unclear, scientists believe SPRING FEVER is the result of hormone shifts from increased light, more exercise, and more bare skin. Check out more interesting Spring Facts.   Below are products that were used for this project.  By purchasing from the link, a small commission will be made to this site.  There is no extra cost to you, and the funds support future projects on this blog. Follow us on Instagram, and Facebook for more DIY inspiration. Happy Spring! ~ Heather