Sloth Valentine Day Cards

Sloth Valentine Day Cards

Let’s Hang Valentine! 

Seems like Sloths’ are all the rage this year! I love how these animals always look like they are smiling, and remind us to SLOW down every once in awhile during a busy day.   These cards make a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your child to give to their classmates.  Use Old Fashioned Root Beer Candy Sticks to double as the tree limb for the cute little Sloth hang onto.   


Materials Needed

  • Sloth Valentine Template

  •  X-Acto knife or Scissors for cutting

  •  Lo Temp Hot Glue 

  •  Old Fashioned Root Beer Candy Sticks


  1. Print the Sloth Valentine Template file.
  2. Cut the Sloth and leaf tracings out.
  3. Use hot glue to affix leaves to each end of the candy stick.
  4. Weave the Sloth legs through the candy stick (think over under over under-  see photo.)
  5. Hot glue the legs to the candy stick in the spots where they touch (this is optional, but helps prevent the stick from becoming detached from the sloth).    

DIY Valentine, Sloth Valentine's Day Card

Will You Be My Valentine?

FUN FACT:  Sloths only urinate once a week.  Can you believe that! Check out more interesting Sloth Facts.   Follow us on Instagram, and Facebook for more DIY inspiration. I heart you ~ Heather