Pusheen Kitty Inspired Party

Pusheen Kitty Inspired Party


Every year I do a special themed birthday for my daughter. For her 8th birthday she requested a Kitty themed party.  More than that she wanted a Pusheen Kitty Party.  Pusheen is that lovable little gray cat that is on Facebook and cell phone GIFs.  I had to custom make pretty much everything, as there are not a lot of pre-made Pusheen decorations available.  I would like to share how I made these adorable pusheen inspired cupcake holders with you.  

Materials Needed


  •  Scissors for cutting

  •  Lo Temp Hot Glue Gun or Tape

  •  Cupcakes


    1. Print the Pusheen Kitty Cupcake Holder Printable file.


    1. Cut the cupcake wrappers and kitty tail out.


    1. Wrap the cupcake holder around the cupcake and secure with a piece of tape or glue in the back of the cupcake.


  1. Add the kitty tail to the back of the cupcake holder, and secure with a piece of tape or glue.


I hope the kitten lovers in your life enjoy this party.   Follow us on Instagram, and Facebook for more DIY inspiration. Cheers to DIY Design! ~ Heather 

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We had a brunch buffet for the guests.
The kids enjoyed making fancy collars for their pusheen stuffies.
The birthday girl in her element

16 thoughts on “Pusheen Kitty Inspired Party”

  • Any links for the other paper products? Trying to put together my daughter’s 12th Birthday. She loves Pusheen, but most of the party supplies come from the UK and won’t be here in time. Thanks!

    • Hi Melissa! Thanks for your comment. I had the same dilemma with my daughter’s party. I have always loved Sweet LuLu for birthday paper products. They are in the U.S., and provided fast service. https://shopsweetlulu.com/ I got a few paper plates, napkins, etc… from them in pastel colors to match the Pusheen theme. I think getting solid color pink and gray paper products, and then adding Pusheen accents to tie it all together would look great.

  • Hi! I found you thru a pinterest search, as my daughter wants a Pusheen party for her 8th birthday as well and is also collecting supplies for our animal shelter! Love the brunch idea, I would never have thought of that! Do you have any ideas for party games?

    • Hi Erin, Thank you for your note. I bought the children mini- pusheen kitties, and they made collars for them with beads that I had set out. The children also wore kitten ear headbands, and we painted “whiskers” on their face. I set up a “vet clinic” in one of the rooms, and the kids took turns wearing an exam coat, listening through a stethoscope, and bandaging their kitties. It was fun for them.

  • Where did you have the invitation made? I’ve been hunting a cute pusheen invitation….without much luck! Thanks!

    • Hi Debbie, Thank you for stopping by my site. I made my own invitations in adobe illustrator, and then had them printed. I hope you enjoy your pusheen party as much as we enjoyed ours.

  • Love your ideas for a Pusheen Party. Thank you for sharing. I have a question about the cupcake paper. What kind of paper did you use – what’s the weight? Thanks!

    • Thanks, Holly. I used between 60-80 lb wt for the cupcake wrapper paper. The heavier wt allows them to keep their shape.

    • I do not sell the invitation template at this time. I am glad you like it, and hope you have a purrfect birthday.

  • Hi,
    My daughter wants a Pusheen party for her 10th birthday as well. Would you mind sharing the place where you got the Pusheen Cookies? Thank you.

  • My daughter is also having a pusheen party for her 8th! Do you have a link for the gift bag tags? They are simply adorable. Thank you for sharing all of your lovely ideas!

    • Hi Elexsis, I do not have a link to the gift tags at this time. I hope your daughter has a wonderful 8th birthday, and thank you for stopping by my site.

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