This blog is an expression of personal creativity.  Like many, I was a kid whose favorite subject was Art class.  As I grew older, I found myself working in healthcare, and no longer fostered my “creative side.”  I have spent the bulk of my professional life  in Oncology. If working in Oncology has taught me nothing, it is to celebrate the moments of joy in life.

I love creating in many different ways. Whether it’s developing a new recipe or crafting, making gives me the chance to express creativity. In particular, I like crafting something that makes another person feel special (such as a DIY take home gift, or wrapping a gift with loving care).  The only requirement for food on this blog is that it’s “real” and unprocessed.  You will not see anything that calls for boxed cake mix or instant pudding.  Sure, those items make it easier, but I don’t want all the additives, and feel that you can taste the difference.

Here you will find unique recipes, one of a kind crafts, and ideas for your next celebration. I believe we all have a creative side. This site is devoted to discovering creativity through DIY design. Thank you for stopping by, and taking this journey with me.  ~Heather