DIY Valentine Paper Hearts

DIY Valentine Paper Hearts


With a little time and construction paper you can make these lovely little heart tags for a Valentine Day treat bag.  Getting a handmade gift like this makes an impression, and lets the receiver know that they are cared about.  These Froebel (also known as Danish or Scandinavian) Hearts are cost effective as they only require paper in the color of your choice.

Materials Needed


  1. Cut out the paper heart template.
  2. Trace the template on the two contrasting colors of construction paper.
  3. Cut the tracings out.
  4. Weave the two contrasting tracings together to make the heart (think over under over under).  

Cricut Explore™ Tip

If you have a Cricut Explore, I have made a file that you can use to cut these hearts.  Cricut gives a professional look to these hearts, and also reduces the time it takes to make them.  Cricut Heart Template.

Think of New Uses for these Hearts!

Although we used this to adorn Valentine Day gift bags, they can also be used in other ways. It is not uncommon for others to use these during Christmas time, and hang them on Christmas trees..   Follow us on Instagram, and Facebook for more DIY inspiration. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! ~ Heather