Rainbow Party

Rainbow Party

Rainbow Party- My Little Pony Inspired Birthday

My daughter wanted a My Little Pony themed birthday this year.  Although I am not a fan of the more “store bought” themed parties, it was what she wanted.  I took the idea of Rainbow Dash, one of the main ponies in the cartoon that is rainbow in color, and incorporated rainbows into the party more.  Instead of the traditional My Little Pony illustrations, I focused more on the POP Toy version of My Little Pony.  POP toys are vinyl pop culture replicas made in the likeness of  popular t.v. shows and movies.  They are very stylish, and indeed adorable.  I figured if we had to do a My Little Pony themed party perhaps we could use the My Little Pony POP toys as more of the inspiration.  Thankfully, my daughter loved the idea, and below are photos from her party.


My Little Pony Cake- Made by Mimi’s Sweet Cakes


Rainbow Backdrop

Tools & Materials

  • 2.5” X 10” red, orange, yellow,green, purple, and blue Construction Paper Strips (Amount depends on the length and width of your backdrop) 
  • Lo Temp Hot Glue Gun w/ glue sticks
  • One Wooden Dowel Rods – 1/4″ x 36″ Unfinished Hardwood Stick
  • Two 3M removable hooks for the wall (be mindful of the weight of the backdrop as I had some challenges with this.  If it is too heavy may need to use 2 small nails to secure the hooks)


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above. 
  2. Decide what type of pattern you want to make.
  3. Encircle the wooden dowel with your first strip of construction paper.  Make the paper into a ring and glue it together.
  4. Slide your next strip of construction paper through the ring and tape or glue it into a ring
  5. Repeat the process until you have a long chain of construction paper rings.
  6. Start at the top of the dowel, and repeat the construction ring process until you the desired number of rows on the dowel.
  7. Secure the 3M hooks on each side of the wall where the back drop will be placed, and affix to the wall.
  8. Hang your backdrop in place.



DIY construction paper rings as an inexpensive backdrop.


Party Elements & Features

Some of the Highlights

  • DIY 5ft long table swag made of handmade crepe paper flowers, paper leaves, and foliage from a bush in the yard.  Total cost for this statement piece was $15.00.
  • Homemade sidewalk paint for the kids to “paint rainbows”.
  • Rainbow spa kits complete with homemade soaps, bath bombs, foot soaks, and sugar scrubs.  All packaged in a take home mason jar.
  • Dyed macaroni noodles to make rainbow necklaces.
  • Cutie Mark temporary tattoos.
  • Homemade rainbow cookies.
Centerpiece made from homemade crepe paper flowers, paper leaves, and foliage from the yard. Total cost was about $15.00.
Homemade Rainbow Cookies
Rainbow Spa Kit – Contained homemade soap, bath bomb, foot soaks, sugar scrub, chapstick, and a lollipop.  Learn how to make these kits here.
Some of the contents of the DIY Rainbow Spa Kit- bath bomb, soap, and foot soak.


Paint More Rainbows

I hope this DIY party has inspired you.  If you are willing to put in the time it is fairly easy to give a custom look to your next celebration.  Follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest for more DIY inspiration.  As Rainbow Dash says, “Friendship is magic” ! ~ Heather

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